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Avoid and reduce downtime with the complete range of forklift services Altona at Farid Forklift and Car Repair. We understand that any issue with your forklift can slow down your everyday operations. Hence, we offer forklift maintenance service Altona with fairness and transparency.

Forklift service and maintenance Altona

Maintenance is something which all forklifts require. Your forklift is no exception to this. We take care of the forklift service Altona so that you can keep your focus where it is best required. With our forklift services Altona, you get lower operating expenses, longer equipment lift, and improve safety. Choose our forklift services Altona to ensure that your forklifts are in the best condition always.

Forklift repairs Altona

Forklift repairs Altona may be either planned or unexpected. Don’t worry, be it any kind of car repair Altona that you require, our service technicians are there to help you always. From starting issues to steering issues, our forklift repairs Altona will take care of everything.

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    Q: How frequently does my forklift need maintenance?
    A: On an average, forklift maintenance service Altona is essential every 6-8 weeks or 220-250 hours of operation.
    Q: What are the common signs that your forklift requires maintenance and servicing?
    A:Here are some of the common signs which indicate that your forklift requires maintenance and servicing:
  • Battery drainage
  • Oil leakage
  • Damaged or rusted forklift chain
  • Higher (above normal) engine temperature
  • Rough rides
  • Q: What does the forklift maintenance service Altona include?
    A: Our forklift maintenance service Altona includes meticulous inspection, repairs, cleaning, oil change, lubrication, and routine readjustments.
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